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Anti theft

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Prt nr. Description Product image
TP0004 Discus lock with 2 keys
ø 70 mm
TP0004-1 Discus lock keyed alike
ø 70 mm
TP0018 Discus lock with 2 keys
ø 90 mm
TP0019 Cylinder lock for towball coupling
With 2 keys
TP0008 Coupling hitch lock
110 x 110 mm
TP0009 Coupling hitch lock
Bag model
TP0024 Coupling hitch lock
TP0025 Coupling hitch lock
With 2 keys
TP0027 Coupling hitch lock
Universal egg model ø 50 mm
With 2 keys
TP0084 Universal wheel clamp
18-25 cm
With 2 keys

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