Customized packaging

The value we add to the products we sell could be described as logistics services. Our products are often being seen as a necessary evil: low end products, low profits and lots of work. A real headache.

We can relieve you of this headache by offering our service Customized Packaging!

AE Industries offers two concepts for customized packaging:

You already have your own packaging concept. In this case we would review your packaging and labels and arrange to source these, so there is no price disadvantage to you.

If you do not have a packaging concept  we can provide you with a wide range of boxes, bags, blister-packs and labels to choose from. We can also design new packages and labels.

To make sure the service is fully efficient we would make sure that we understood the complete packaging requirement, including the box quantities, labelling and the outer packaging for safe and secure dispatch.

We also need databased label information, like part numbers, contents, descriptions and EAN codes  to enable us to print the exact label you require. All the necessary data is processed in AE’s computer system and stored using a BOM, so we will be able to use your own part numbers.

Of course labels and boxes require official release from you before production starts.

AE supplies the right products at the right time on the right place.

ISO 9001:2015

AE Industries has been working under ISO 9001 worldwide standards for quality since 1996.

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Vendor managed inventory (VMI)

Customer has no concern about stockkeeping.

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Customized packaging

AE delivers products customized packed in customer's very own package.

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Order Fulfillment

AE takes over all logistic activities from its customer.

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