Supply Chain Management

Getting your products to your customers without any glitches: that's our job, too. We plan, implement and control the efficient flow, packaging and storage of goods in order to support customers with effective services and information. It's all part of our total logistics management.

Consignment stocks

An extra service we provide is delivery of goods in consignment. This saves warehouse costs for our customers. Our stock availability is very high (over 99%).
We also have the possibility for complete warehouse management control by AE Industries. We will take care of the complete logistics handling (control stock levels and make stock available in your warehouse).
Invoicing takes place on an agreed date.
To discuss what we can do for you, please contact us.

Professional packing

We aim to pack your shipment to see it safely to its final destination. From the type of cargo and mode of transportation to the amount of time in transit etc.: our packing experts know what they are doing. All precautions are taken to ensure cargo reaches its destination on time and undamaged.

ISO 9001:2015

AE Industries has been working under ISO 9001 worldwide standards for quality since 1996.

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Vendor managed inventory (VMI)

Customer has no concern about stockkeeping.

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Customized packaging

AE delivers products customized packed in customer's very own package.

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Order Fulfillment

AE takes over all logistic activities from its customer.

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Final Sale

Check out the new items we have added. Some of these may come in handy, this time of year!

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New in our program

A few of the recently added items

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