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Published at 2020-03-20 - 15:00:14



Dear partner,

At the moment we are facing unusual times due to the COVID-19 outbreak that no longer only occurs in China, yet also has reached Europe.
Factories in China have started their operations again. The first shipments are expected in May. In the meantime an airfreight delivery is scheduled to arrive mid-April.

Whilst we try to continue our work in the coming period, we will monitor the reports regarding the outbreak closely and we implement the guidelines according to the RIVM (The National Health Service).
We do everything we can to help everyone as well and as quickly as possible. Please be aware that we are dealing with exceptional circumstances that are affecting our services. Currently there is less capacity in our office, this can have consequences for the delivery of our goods.

In order to continue to operate as well as possible these days, we kindly ask you to communicate with us via e-mail as much as possible.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.